Sleek Kingdom Sana-Safinaz Tunics for Women 2016

Sleek Vibrant Kingdom Tunics for Women by Sana-Safinaz

In 1989 the“Sana Safinaz”sticky tag was traditional via “Sana Hashwani” and Safinaz Muneer”. The fashion trend realm has subjugated the industrialized in surfeit of decade owed to the unchanging modisheness &charm demarcate. The label indentified pro its glossy, charismatic and slick cuts attention- grabbing to modern-day ladies of every grow old.
The tunics compilation is premeditated in voguish unrivaled cuts deftly &intricately embroidered in prop up of a classy woman. Dispersal tryout by the effervescent colors &impudent cuts to stir the courageous and daring rudiments for an advance mesmerizing appearance. The sell overseas contour is intended to suffuse witty and mettle using the blowy cloth and in uncluttered cozy cutss. Looking-for to produce an eastern &western synthesis so as to coalesce and wear knack tunics assortment is a darling inyoung age commemorate, their silky tunics is detonate of colors and mold glossy silken consent to female to skulk fresh and trendy. The objet d’dart name is broadly strewn all-inclusive as of the focal point East to London& USA; by consigns on the souk vent and furtive divulge.

The Printed silk tunic with waist "Girdle wildling" &

"Rancid shoulder", silk protracted printed tunic pink grey from frontage and ‘orange’ pattern from flipside

"AIGLE NOIR"  Black ornate printed Silk scabbard Tunic along belt up.&

"Chevron" in feature silk tunic in progress with blonde.


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