Hot Silky Dresses By Sana Safinaz 2016

The Sana-SafiNaz Silk Bright Dresses Collection For Girls

Silky yellow Shirt with a unsullied fencing archetype &marvelously accolade with blue-touch and fuchsia racial floral theme. Matching with a allegorical duppatta in fuchsia stripe, metaphorical pallu& edge.

Hot Silky Dresses By Sana Safinaz www.fashionwearstyle.comBottomless Tawny-Shirt compensate with stripy fineness by an embellished d├ęcolletage&different toneless breeze paisley top of the hemline&sleeves. lavishly decorative skillfully dupatta deviating colors’.

An azure blue shirt in geometrical fashion and copious neckline accolade by contrary caramel demarcate ancestral flowerys ornamentation and grapple through chevron& gold-tilla garish rim. Cajole through a dupata in auburgine stylized blossomprint &caramel boundary. Ornately kameez with a mob of emblem ferozii, fuchsia, blistered auburn exploit in murky moghal show favoritism and sumptuously jazzy constituent. Kitschy boundary for fading and matching with  ointment dupatta luxuriantly stylised at bottom and subterranean lilac edge.


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